Unidara Global Export Bangladesh

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How to work with us

The business terms described in these pages is meant only as a guide on how we prefer to do business or how we are already doing business with others. However, it is not fixed or rigid and may be altered and modified to suit other circumstances. Whatever the case may be, for best practices, we prefer that terms and conditions, which are mutually agreed between the buyer and trade international before accepting and placing an order.

We will provide you with a quotation upon receipt of your specific needs. We are unable to provide you a price list of all of our products because we do not maintain a price list, particularly as there are many combinations of jute, fish maw, leather goods and price may vary for each. We will of course try to offer our best price whenever a quotation is made. If you require a quotation for freight (FOB & CIF term), please advise about the destination port. 

Payments Terms: PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union, 100% Confirm L/C At sight / Advance TT is preferred.